The Longest 10 Days of My Life

Yes, I’m being serious. And no, I’m not being dramatic. A 10-day cleanse is hard work. Ask any of the 5 people that joined me in the task.

It started out easy, so I was confident I wasn’t going to have a problem. The 3 days of juice were easiest because I didn’t have to think about what I wanted to eat. I just drank juice. A lot of it. My first few juices were disgusting, but once I figured out what I liked, it because so much easier and I actually enjoyed it. It became fun thinking up new recipes and discussing with my cleansing friends which ones were better. Turns out, celery = not delicious as juice. But green grapes? Amazing!

Things got difficult when I started eating again. Because I was eating, it was easy for me to want to fall back into my unhealthy eating habits. This is where things got interesting. I became more aware of what I *wasn’t* eating. For example: we hosted a client luncheon. The lunch arrives on plastic trays, and I transfer them to our serving trays. A noodle from the pasta salad falls off the tray; normally I would have just popped it in my mouth. A piece of a cookie? Also in my mouth. A few potato chips here and there? Add it to the list. Basically I spend my day picking up any food that’s in front of me and eating it.

So now I have to figure out why I do that. Am I hungry? No. Is it going to provide me with nourishment that I need? Also no. So what’s the point, Paige?

Another example: I have a co-worker that keeps a bowl of candy on his desk. On any given day I will walk past him a few times. Each time I take not a piece, but a handful – a HANDFUL – of whatever is in the bowl. Of all the calories I eat throughout the day, I would assume that I probably eat an extra 600 just by picking up anything that’s in front of me. I’m like a 1 year old!

Now that the cleanse is over, I’ll share with you some things that made it successful:
1. I didn’t do it alone. If I had, I would have caved on day 5.
2. Awesome websites like Kris Carr and her Crazy, Sexy Juices eBook
3. Talking about it. Seriously…tell someone you’re doing a cleanse and suddenly your conversation leads to everything nutrition. During one of these impromptu conversations, a co-worker told me about one of her favorite websites: Dr. Axe

Some things I will do differently:
1. Plan ahead. Like, plan all of my meals and find delicious things. I found this amazing recipe half way through the cleanse: Avocado Dill Jicama Salad, but my the time I got to the raw day, I didn’t have any of the ingredients, then I couldn’t find the time, and then I just kept making excuses and blah blah blah.
2. Try new juices before the cleanse. I experimented on day 1 and almost gave up on my first juice. If you’re juicing for 3 days straight, you better be sure you like what you’re drinking.

3. Work out more often. For the whole 10 days I only ran once. I think that caused me to be less motivated (or happy) and I think regular workouts would have made me feel better about what I was doing. I wish I had done some yoga too…I think my muscles would have liked the deep stretching and I could have released some more of those toxins.
4. Blog about my progress. There are things I went through that I’m just not remembering now. I wish I had blogged throughout so that I could remember what was making me so miserable.

Despite it being difficult, I felt great and I feel great now. Even though I celebrated with this yesterday:

I woke up this morning and reached for the strawberries rather than the cereal. So, maybe I have learned something.
And, even though weight loss wasn’t a goal of mine, I did end up losing 7 lbs.
I’ll probably be doing this again in September so if you’re interested in joining, just let me know!