7. Organize recipes

I have been wanting to organize my recipes for years. Crate&Barrel of course has a cute recipe box. So does ModCloth but it is, sadly, no longer available. And Williams-Sonoma (love!) has one, but it’s a little expensive for just a wooden box.
Plus, all of these cute little boxes only hold index cards. Which I realized it not ideal for me, since some of my recipes tend to be long and there is no way to protect the cards against the elements of being in a kitchen while I’m cooking. (Seriously, the first time I knock over the bottle of olive oil, the card is done-zo).
So I did whatever anyone with some computer skills would do, I created my own.

I decided to make them full-page so that my long recipes would fit, and so that I can put them in sheet protectors to avoid all of my spills and mess. After putting them in the sleeves, I realized the added bonus of being able to magnet them to my fridge while I cook:

Finally, I needed a way to keep them neat but also visually appealing. Enter my 13-year-old self and my love of adorable binders:

I’m still in the process of moving all of my recipes into this binder, but I think it’s safe to say this one can get crossed off the list.