20. Learn How To Fix 1 Thing On My Car

I’m not a car girl. I wish I was…actually, I’m completely fine not being a car girl. What I’m not ok with is being dependent on my brothers, male friends or mechanics. I have always admired people that can change their own oil (my brother did teach me how to do this circa 2000. It’s the only time I have EVER changed my own oil). Or those people that completely know what to do when their car breaks down (other than calling roadside assistance…or their dad. Not that I do that…) The last time my car broke, it was like the scene from Clueless when Dionne accidentally got on the freeway and they all thought they were going to die (“You’re on the FREEEWWAAAAYYY!!!!!). It. Was. Terrifying.

When my headlight went out a few months ago I was so excited…finally my opportunity to fix something on my car! I know I know, this is not really fixing as much as it is replacing; however I usually pay a mechanic to do this for me, so it’s a step in the right direction. With the help of my trusty co-worker, I set out in changing the headlight:


^That is MY hand inside of MY car. Amazing!

I even thought ahead and purchased an extra headlight so when the next light goes out I’ll be ready. Huzzah!

photo 2

2 headlights…my car is so happy again! Also, you can see how disgustingly dirty the headlights are. I’m a girl so of course I turn to Pinterest when I need to fix/clean/accessorize something. You’ll be happy to know this website is also useful for car maintenance. I found this amazing (of course it’s amazing, it’s on Pinterest!) way to clean headlights using only a rag and toothpaste. Seriously people. TOOTHPASTE! I have nothing to lose in this situation.

photo 3

Half-way done with my first light and it’s already an improvement!

photo 4

First light done…tell me this is not the most amazing thing you’ve ever discovered.

photo 5

Both headlights cleaned and looking good. A bonus, the front of my car smells minty fresh! All in all, it probably took 5 minutes and saved me at least $10. Looks like I can finally move a Pin to my ‘successful pins’ board (there really is a first time for everything!)