September Recap

You would think that with all of this new free time, I would be crossing these things off left and right. Well, since I moved back to Chicago, I have been hard at work looking for jobs, interviewing, and making sure companies know they want to hire me (or they should anyway!). I did manage to achieve the following in September:

4. Work out 10 times a month – I dominated my workouts this month. Maybe it’s because I started (and stopped…) and started again (oh, and stopped again…) my 10K training program. Hopefully I’ll be more sucessful over the next few months or the 10K in January is going to be pain.ful. (Yes, I realize this is only 6 miles but for me, that’s like a marathon.)

10. Go to 1 new place each month – now that I’m back in Chicago, finding new places is going to be a little more difficult  since I grew up around here (and, therefore, think I have been everywhere Chicago has to offer). I did go to Citizen for a friend of a friend’s fundraiser. I also went to Grand Rapids and attended ArtPrize with some girlfriends. We were oh so happy with the winning artwork! And while in Grand Rapids, we went out for a drink at Founders Brewery.

16. Talk to 1 family member or friend each week – I have FINALLY accomplished this one! And I’m not even including phone calls with my sister (although that does happen pretty regularly)! This month I caught up with a Design School friend, a Loyola friend and her adorable new daughter, my grandfather and a few of my girlfriends on a weekend trip to Grand Rapids.

Nothing like a jello shot to get your day going!

Nothing like a $1 jello shot to get your day started!

Fun fact: My 97-year-old Grandpa Stoub can play the harmonica like it’s nobody’s business. Seriously…if you take a swing by his house, ask him to play something for you. Be prepared with songs though…he takes requests.

27. Stick to budget – this is proving to be more and more difficult, especially since I no longer have a ‘real’ income (unemployment definitely does not count as income). I have been able to cut down on a lot of my expenses (things like rent, utilities, etc) by moving back to Chicago, so that has definitely helped. I will say that I did accomplish sticking to my budget, but had to think about what I’m purchasing a little more often. Although…it’s that the whole idea of budgeting?! Looks like I am learning some lessons here!