19. Find a job

Okay, okay…I’ve been vague about life since mid-July. I lost my job and had 3.5 months of unemployment…not really something worth bragging about. It did, however, allowed me to move back to Chicago, take a trip to Texas, and look for jobs. It was terrifying, but also really exciting because suddenly I could apply for jobs that I normally would not have. By the time I had moved back to Chicago in September, there was a job here that I was really excited about and I’m happy to report that they hired me and I have been gainfully employed since the beginning of November. And since it’s web-official, I thought I’d share my company profile with you here.

For those of you currently unemployed or looking for work, hang in there. Unemployment is so so so so boring and tests your patience, but take advantage of the time off to explore new routes. They are out there for you to find. A few websites that I found helpful were Mind, Body, Green which provided me with encouraging words along the way (and reminded me to stay healthy even though I was super stressed); I also receive daily emails from Learnvest, which discusses a variety of issues and is directed towards women. I loved this one about dealing with finances when unemployed. Finally, my friends and family were amazing throughout the whole process. From a sister that read through every.single resume and cover letter, to family members that moved me for free back to Chicago (and a stellar 6 year old nephew that also helped and never once complained), former co-workers that were willing to hire me while I looked for work and helped me network with potential employers, and amazing friends in Indy that gave me a surprising send-off. You never know how much your support system is there for you until you need them. So thank you to everyone that helped me out along the way. This road would have been much more difficult without each of you.