30th Recap

Well, dear friends and family, my 30th year has come and gone. Thank you so much for humoring me and reading this blog. I have loved running into some of you at parties and hearing that you’re reading it. And I have loved it even more that you’re actually enjoying it! Sadly, not all was accomplished, but it was a fun year. Here’s the final run-down:

1. Skydive
2. Decorate apartment New # 2. Disconnect for 48 hours.
3. Take LEED exam
4. Work out 10 times a month – I ended up doing this 9.5 out of the 12 months. Which is a win for me. (The .5 is for that 10K that I ran.)
5. Take an art class
6. Run a 10K
7. Organize recipes
8. Crochet a scarf
9. Join a book club
10. Go to 1 new place each month  – I did this every.single.month…and had a blast exploring new places!
11. Volunteer with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful
12. Watch all 6 seasons of Lost (there are only 6 seasons, right?!) – Ugh, this one is so frustrating. At this point I am halfway through Season 3, which is the same exact point where I left off when I started watching this back in 2009. I hope to finish this one soon because it is seriously taking over my life.
13. Visit Erin & John in Texas
14. Start a worm compost bin New # 14. Get a psychic reading
15. Organize photos – digital and printed
16. Talk to 1 family member or friend each week – I did this 11 out of the 12 months. I need to get better about calling people just to say hello.
17. Plan 2014 vacation to Maine
18. Start a blog
19. Learn to sew New # 19. Find a job
20. Learn how to fix 1 thing on my car
21. Purchase a work of art
22. Ride in a hot air balloon
23. Go paintballing
24. Learn Spanish
25. Do a cleanse
26. Attend a murder mystery dinner
27. Stick to budget – this was done 10.5 out of the 12 months (I’m counting January as .5 since I didn’t put myself into additional debt, but didn’t save as much as I wanted to). I’m going to blame unemployment for the other month that this didn’t happen.
28. Watch all 8 seasons of How I Met Your Mother
29. Color an entire coloring book
30. Bike around Indy

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