February Recap

Well I’m off to my usual lazy start to this list, but I’ve realized that most of my list includes summer activities, so I’m going to blame my laziness on that. I do have a couple of monthly things that I’m going to do my best to keep up with, so here’s a run-down of those things:

2. Catch up with someone: A couple of weeks ago we had beautiful 60 degree weather, so I headed north to Edgewater to spend time with my friend Anna and her family. It was a lovely, relaxing day and we had a great time catching up.

9. Work out 10 times a month. I’m happy to say that I got 14 (14!!!) work outs in this month. I credit a new (and actually fun!) work out program that I’ve been doing (more on that below).

13. Do 1 new thing each month: I’ve been doing the Bikini Body Training Guide for my new fitness routine and it’s been a blast. The work-outs are challenging, but not enough to be discouraging and I can already tell I’m getting stronger (insert arm muscle emoji here)!

16. Watch an Oscar movie each month: this month I watched Atonement, Oscar winner for Best Achievement in Music, Original Score.

20. Watch a TedTalk each month: this month I watched Why Great Architecture Should Tell A Story.

23. Go to a museum once a month: I headed over to the Art Institute of Chicago a couple weeks ago to check out the Van Gogh’s Bedrooms exhibit, which is the first time all three of his bedroom paintings are on display together. If you’re in (or find yourself in) Chicago, I would highly recommend it.


A life size mock-up of what Van Gogh’s bedroom would look like.


Hopefully next month I’ll get to actually cross something off the list, but these monthly items are usually the ones that slip past me, so I’m glad to be off to a strong start!

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