Things on the list from the last 2 years that didn’t get done:

1. Skydive
2. Purchase a work of art
3. Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner
4. (Finish) coloring an entire coloring book
5. Europe scrapbook
6. Finish watching Breaking Bad
7. Divvy for a day
8. Stand on the Sears Tower Ledge
9. See Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind
10. Start a worm bin

Things that were on my list(s) that I’d like to keep doing:

11. Work out 10 times a month
12. Crochet (something that actually looks good, lol)
13. Do 1 new thing each month
14. Stick to budget
15. Get through Level 3 in Spanish
16. Run a half marathon under 2.5 hours

New things:

17. Watch Parenthood
18. Move into a new apartment
19. Volunteer at the Chicago Marathon
20. Watch a sunrise
21. Get a promotion
22. Go on a blind date
23. Read 1 professional development book each month
24. Stand up paddleboard
25. Whole 30
26. Attend Loyola 10 year reunion
27. Go to a Chicks Night at Fleet Feet
28. Watch an Oscar-winning movie each month
29. Spa day with friends
30. Take a class at Paper Source
31. Watch a Cubs game from a rooftop
32. Go to a climbing gym

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