33. The year I get everything on the list done? We shall see!

  1. Decorate apartment
  2. Catch up with someone either in person or on the phone once a month
  3. Purchase a work of art
  4. Color an entire coloring book
  5. Finish Europe scrapbook
  6. Divvy for a day
  7. Stand on the Sears Tower ledge
  8. See Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind
  9. Work out 10 times a month
  10. Get through Level 1 in Spanish
  11. Stick to budget
  12. Crochet
  13. Do 1 new thing each month
  14. Run a half marathon under 2.5 hours
  15. Stand up paddleboard
  16. Watch an Oscar-winning movie every month
  17. Spa day with friends
  18. Take a class at Paper Source
  19. Learn how to tune up my bike
  20. Watch a TedTalk once a month
  21. Start a garden
  22. Attend a Moth Story Slam
  23. Go to a museum once a month
  24. Write a Gratitude Journal
  25. Try a new work out class
  26. See Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field
  27. File mess of papers currently overflowing in a box in my office
  28. Volunteer for a presidential campaign
  29. Check out a new neighborhood in Chicago
  30. Watch a movie in the park
  31. Tour Lagunitas
  32. Go on a Frank Lloyd Wright tour
  33. Take a class at Rebuilding Exchange