The List 2.0

I’ve recently realized that I need to make some edits to my list. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I found myself back in Chicago and will no longer be able to accomplish certain tasks on my list. Fear not, dear followers, as I have not given up on this list yet…merely making a few necessary edits.

1. Skydive
2. Decorate apartment New # 2. Disconnect for 48 hours.
3. Take LEED exam
4. Work out 10 times a month
5. Take an art class
6. Run a 10K
7. Organize recipes
8. Crochet a scarf
9. Join a book club
10. Go to 1 new place in Indy each month (simple edit here…I’d like to still do new things, just not limiting it to Indianapolis)
11. Volunteer with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful
12. Watch all 6 seasons of Lost (there are only 6 seasons, right?!)
13. Visit Erin & John in Texas
14. Start a worm compost bin New # 14. Get a psychic reading (I think the new roomies would prefer this over the worms…)
15. Organize photos – digital and printed
16. Talk to 1 family member or friend each week
17. Plan 2014 vacation to Maine
18. Start a blog
19. Learn to sew New # 19. Find a job
20. Learn how to fix 1 thing on my car
21. Purchase a work of art
22. Ride in a hot air balloon
23. Go paintballing
24. Learn Spanish
25. Do a cleanse
26. Attend a murder mystery dinner
27. Stick to budget
28. Watch all 8 seasons of How I Met Your Mother
29. Color an entire coloring book
30. Bike around Indy

Depending on how the rest of the year goes, there may be future edits, but I’d like to think I can still accomplish all of these tasks by February. Which reminds me…I need some friends to join me skydiving, on a hot air balloon ride, or at a murder mystery dinner. Who’s with me?!

2 Comments on “The List 2.0”

  1. Jennifer Seeber says:

    I am thinking you need to work on #16 for sure!!!!

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